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Important Notice : City Center Health Careers' last day of school is  June 11th, 2015. Summer School will be held from June 15th- June 26th. The school will officially close AFTER summer school. 

On February 27, 2015, the TEA assigned accreditation statuses to school districts for the 2014-2015 year under the authority of TEC §39 051 and §39.052 and 19 TAG §97.1055. Accreditation status  results for 2014-2015 have been posted publicly to the TEA website on the Accreditation Status  homepage at . Under the requirements of statute and rule, City  Center Health Careers has been assigned an accreditation status of Accredited-Probation due to the ratings assigned to the charter in the state's academic and financial accountability rating systems. Specifically, the City Center Health Careers was assigned a 2011 academic accountability rating of  Academically Unacceptable, an academic accountability rating of Improvement Required for 2013 and  2014, and a 2013-2014 financial accountability rating of Substandard Achievement.

Here is a link to the official letter received by TEA: Official Notice of Accreditation Status

FEDERAL Report Cards for the state, district, and campuses are now available on the Texas Education Agency's (TEA) website.


NOTE:  This is DIFFERENT from the state's school report card distributed in January. (STATE Report Card Deadline was January 22, 2015 Link to TEA notification
Enroll your child in the public school that feels like a private school

Enroll your child in the Texas charter
school that feels like a private school

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What did our Seniors have to say about their Hospital Volunteer Internships? Read about it HERE!

Who we are

CCHC is a public middle/high school designed for students interested in receiving a superior high school education. A Texas Charter School, CCHC offers open enrollment and free tuition to students in and surrounding Bexar County. Our mission is to prepare our students for success in their chosen careers and in their future lives, to ensure that our students graduate ready to succeed in college and in any other post-secondary endeavor, as well as leadership roles in their chosen professions.

An exceptional college-preparatory high school education

Our school provides a comprehensive course of instruction, including all required middle and high school courses. At CCHC, your child will receive an excellent and well-rounded college-preparatory education. READ MORE

Excellent preparation for a career in healthcare

If your child is interested in a healthcare profession, CCHC is an ideal choice. Our students are immersed in a rigorous and relevant curriculum designed to prepare them for careers in San Antonio’s rapidly growing healthcare industry. READ MORE

Active involvement in your child’s school education

At CCHC, you’ll play an important role in the education of your child. From participation in regular parent-teacher conferences to attendance at school functions, we will expect your full support. Our experience shows that parental involvement is critical to a student’s success. We have a full range of academic and extracurricular programs such as the Texas Virtual School Network, Latin, a national student organization (Health Occupations Students of America - HOSA), drama club, music, and percussion clubs, sign language club, journalism club and we are members of the Texas Athletic and Academic Charter School League. READ MORE

Open enrollment, no test requirements, no tuition—the best things in life are free

Imagine—a public charter Middle-High School with a focus on healthcare; a college and career prep school in an individualized learning environment; even a free before and after school program; and all open to any student residing in Bexar County and surrounding areas—with no tuition fee!

You may find it hard to remember that CCHC is a public school

With our smaller classes, interactive learning and our passion for exceptional education, CCHC may seem like a private school. Truth is, it’s a very special public charter school with a powerful commitment to help students achieve their goals. 

See what students and other parents have to

say about CCHC

“I love CCHC because teachers pay more attention to kids and the teachers have more time to teach the students how to solve problems.

I love CCHC because it has many careers and colleges that we can choose for our career. I love math because we learn how to solve problems with pi and proportions."

         — Valeria Z.
             (7th Grade)

Click HERE for the 2014-2015 School Calendar

Click HERE for the 2014-2015 Parent and Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct

Beacon Academies of Texas-City Center Health Careers Board of Directors

Daniel H. Kellum, MD, President
Kathleen H. Black
Virginia L. Narvaez

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