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Multitasking and Faith

Multitasking has become an inherent part of our everyday society. People walk around texting or calling people as they go from place to place. College students sit in front of a computer with multiple windows open, and multiple messages between email and instant messaging programs, and they think that they’re getting a lot of tasks completed in less time than if they merely sat in front of their screen with one window open.

Overall, multitasking has become a generally accepted and even admired trait in our society and our churches. It seems that it would be a good thing, getting multiple things accomplished at the same time. Our brain chemistry even makes us believe that multitasking gets more things done when, as a matter of fact, that’s not what is happening at all. It just triggers the parts of our brain that makes us feel good, so we assume those “good feelings” are due to the fact that we’re getting more things done.

Multitasking comes with a lot of white noise; noise that’s just there to fill space instead of providing insight or completing tasks. Where’s God in all of this noise that is going on around us? Many people will tell you that they lose track of God in those instances where they are trying to multitask within a church or other spiritual context; since we can’t see, feel, taste, hear (physically) or touch God, He sometimes gets knocked out of the equation.

Seeking God’s Kingdom involves all of our senses, and complete focus on God. Many people will say that, if they get distracted during various times of worship, that it is harder to keep their focus. How can we resolve this when multitasking has become such a huge part of our society? That’s a question that we’re still looking to answer.

Reasons to Host Church Community Events

There are so many different ways that you can attempt to attract more members to your church. Whether you are a church that has been around in the area for many decades, or you have started a relatively new church and you want to build up your member base, you have a few options available as to how you can recruit these individuals. Whether you are going for families or young people as part of your congregation, we would suggest that you go ahead and check out the opportunity to host community events that are linked to the church.

How do community events help? The whole purpose of these community events is that you are going to have a chance to communicate with the community – both as a whole and with people one-on-one. It will give you an opportunity to tell them all about the church, and it will give them a chance to learn what you are all about. If they have any questions, it is the best opportunity to ask them. And we believe that it creates a friendly atmosphere where the church is being viewed as opening and welcoming, instead of being closed off and in their own world.

There are a few different places where you can host community events. We would suggest starting by targeting some of the community events that are taking place, such as fairs or other gatherings. This would give your members a chance to walk around and talk with people, or set up a booth so people can come and have a conversation about the church. But you can also progress from there and have an event at the church where prospective and interested new members can come check out what the church is all about. The sanctuary itself is an ideal spot to hold a speaker series with all the church pews available for seating.

Some churches worry about whether they have the space to take on new members. But what we believe is that you will always have room, especially if you are willing to adapt. For instance, if you go to many churches on a Sunday, you will see that several church pews do not have too many people sitting there. Most churches have more seats than members, which is why adding new people is always an option. And there are other things that you can do if your church does become too small for the member base.

For instance, many churches end up expanding to more than one location. This is not only a great way to expand your reach, but also to give people who are in other parts of the city a chance to come check out what the church is all about. For instance, if someone is a 20 or 30-minute drive from the church, they may not feel like making that trip. But if a location opened up that is closer to where they live – they would be more likely to check it out on a Sunday when they have time!